Royce Pollard, Former Mayor of Vancouver
Eric LaBrant, Port of Vancouver Commissioner
Alishia Topper, Vancouver City Councilor
Jack Burkman, Vancouver City Councilor
Anne McEnergy-Ogle, Vancouver City Councilor
Bart Hansen, Vancouver City Councilor
Ty Stober, Vancouver City Councilor
Tony Golik, Clark County Prosecutor
Doug Lasher, Clark County Treasurer
Sharon Wylie, WA State Representative
Monica Stonier, WA State Representative
Annette Cleveland, WA State Senator
Al Bauer, Former WA State Representative
Craig Pridemore, Former WA State Senator
Ej Zita, Port of Olympia Commissioner
Fred Felleman, Port of Seattle Commissioner
Pat Jollota, Former Vancouver City Councilor
Bill Ward, Port of Camas-Washougal Commissioner

Gary Akizuki
Carrie Parks

Margot Faubion: “Don Orange has worked tirelessly as a private citizen to protect the Port of Vancouver for the next generation of Vancouver residents. He is extremely knowledgeable about the issues of Port management and a solid choice for the people of Vancouver.”
Nathan Baker
Terah Pitchford

Heather Sinnott
Mike Senchyna: “Don is endlessly enthusiastic about our community- its people, businesses, and environment. In my view, he has what it takes to stand up to corporate greed and PR firm baloney... exactly the traits we need in our next Port Commissioner.”
Brenda Tiefenthaler
M. Lethene Parks
Suzanne Holden

Roy Valo
Melissa Valo

Dennis Johnson
Jaime Case
Debbie Sullivan

Kathleen Orange
Alona Steinke: “Don is all about transparency and he'll do what's right for the Port and for the community. As a businessman, he is well-suited for this position. He will be sensitive to the voice of the taxpayers.”
Jay Galser
Regna Merritt
Hector Hinojosa:
“Don has dogged determination to do the best for our community, A tireless advocate for our environment and green businesses. He will make a great Port of Vancouver commissioner.”


Erskine Wood
Jan Slobin
Larry Slobin
Jonnie Hyde

Dr. Mark Blessley: “Don is upfront and has the Vancouver Community as his first priority. He will not back down from the tough issues and will help us develop the Port for profit and sustainability. I will vote for Don Orange!”

Patty Page: “Don has a long-standing record for siding with the environment when he makes business decisions. He realizes that while big actions are important - like voting to terminate the oil terminal lease - he has also been a leader in his field for making small but important changes like selling re-refined oil and using non-lead wheel weights. He walks his talk. It will be great to have another voice for sustainable values at the Port of Vancouver.”
Eric Strid
Scott Hanna
John Karpinski: “Don will help us provide safe, clean jobs for our future....and not tie us and the Port of Vancouver to dirty fossil fuel jobs.”
Merna Blagg: “Don't wants a clean, safe and healthy environment for our community! I have listened to Won several times and wholeheartedly believe in him! My grandchildren need him elected.”

Nancy Schultz: “Don is a businessman who realized that the oil terminal is bad for business in Vancouver. We need another opponent on the Commission, and a commissioner who cares to bring CLEAN jobs to Vancouver.”
Craig Murphy
Christina Macaya: “Don Orange shares my value of protecting the environment for the next generation.”
Kristin Edmark: “Don is listening to the community. Don has a good understanding of the issues and is realistic about jobs and the future. Don shows the commitment necessary.”
Emily Wales

Jim Tiefenthaler
Pat Freiberg: “Don consistently values community and says what's on his mind in an open and transparent manner.”
Mark Leed
Dale & Susan Fredrikson:
“Let's keep good jobs that promote a clean environment for the local neighborhoods.”

Linda Mather
Tim Wilson
Truman Castle:
“He understands that the crude oil terminal will be a disaster for the community. We are lucky to have him!”
Marianne Eddington: “Don is an active community member who tirelessly advocates for our environment and our citizens. He is an ethical and responsible business owner who has earned the respect of many. His experienced will be an asset to the Port of Vancouver leadership.”
Virgiia Nugent

Guy Berliner: “Don is right on about our ports. They must be the gateway to a 21st century of living wage jobs and a humane and sustainable economy, not just more instruments in the hands of energy mega corporations bent on turning our region into another sacrifice zone for their extractive resource colonies. No more exploding oil trains, in the Gorge or anywhere else!”
Barbara Harmon
Jan Ralston
Steve Rosen
Den Mark Wichar:
“Don proves every day that prosperity & conscience fit together perfectly.”

Laura Schissell: “Don is all about helping our city thrive in ways that will sustain us for generations to come. He has my endorsement.”
Eric Peterson: “I believe that Don Orange is very passionate about protecting our community here in Vancouver, WA from short sited business ventures which do not have the long term interests and vision of the health and happiness of all of our residents. I have seen Don tirelessly advocate for transparency and accountability for the Port of Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, and for the protection of our local environment. Don also understands what happens to a community when certain members are forgotten and not included. It is with full confidence that I endorse Don Orange for Port Commissioner in Vancouver, WA.”
Jakob Swan: “Don has continually shown strong leadership skills within our community. Along with that, he has always displayed a fine ability for communication. Our port is in desperate need of commissioners that can lead towards building strong and sustainable business, as well as, be able to listen to and consider the concerns of those who own the port- the community!”
Madeleine von Laue: “Don has been working to improve our community for a long time - supporting initiatives to improve the lives of working people and our environment. He's outspoken and very engaged.”
Carole Dollemore


Kyle Sinnott
Dani Maron-Oliver:
“Don Orange is addressing the real issues, Agencies are slow and I am adding, "if ever" to be reliable in keeping their promises to enforce regulations that would take care of the problems. Don understand this and knows the reality well and will help enforce the reality of pollution.”
Robert Learned
Joshua Gordon
Joana K:
“He has spoken out for the waterfront business community in a very positive way. I don't doubt he will continue to be an advocate for positive local issues.”

Marc Berg
Jesse Faught:
“We need someone that's interested in protecting our community from industries that are notoriously dangerous and detrimental to our future.”
Alexandra Wakeham
Phillip Norman
Nicolette Oconnor:
“Royce Pollard (Former Mayor of Vancouver) says it best. "Don is a local businessman fully committed to supporting our environment, our community, our region & its future.””

Vicky Von Dier
Chris Bell:
“We NEED a business mind that is equally grounded with the environment and community in mind. DO it!”
Shane Davis
E Verbeck:
“Don is able to look at the bigger picture of the community, and that the Port needs to be part of a thriving community, not just a business that makes money.”
Merilee Frets: “The greater good of our community and our region should be served by people we elect -- not the interests of the few. I believe Don Orange will work for the long term economic benefits of clean air, water and an exciting Port future that doesn't include fossil fuels.”

Sonya Norton: “Don's arguments are common sense for both sides of the aisle!”
Julie Johnson: “I know Don and he is the best man for the job and will do a good job for us.”
Mona McNeil: “I have heard him speak at many Port of Vancouver and other hearings for the past 2-3 years. Don has a passion for defending Vancouver and our environment from dangerous, polluting industries. As a businessman, he also wants good jobs and a vibrant Vancouver that will attract new employers who care about our safety and quality of life. I thank Don for running!”
Kathleen Lawrence
Prof. S. Keely:
“Don Orange understands that the argument over economy vs ecology is a false narrative and that the Port can have sustainable jobs and a clean healthy environment for Vancouver.”

Kathleen Hibbs: “He will protect the rights of all citizens, not just the special interests.”
John Vanvig: “Don knows the difference between right and wrong, between good growth and bad choices. He's got my full support for the port commission.”
Emma Ronai-Durning
Susan Saul
: “Don will be a port commissioner who shares my values and who believes in a safe, clean, sustainable future for our community.”
Therese Livella: “Don has been actively involved in the oil transportation and storage issues facing Vancouver and the PNW. I have worked beside Don on environmental issues and believe that he would put the health and safety of Vancouver citizens above the need to make a buck. As a businessman I believe Don would be good for port management. He would bring new ideas and creative solutions to the table.”

John Wellman
Alex Berg:
“I'm ready to go green with Orange!”
Susan Haywood: “He has been dedicated to keeping oil our of Vancouver and saving a great swath of the Pacific Northwest from the pollution associated with fossil fuels enterprises.”
Christopher Hill: “I think he is very knowledgeable and he will do all he can to protect the fragile environment from those that would damage it just for a few dollars.”
Jordan Berg 


Edith Gillis: “I've watched and listened to and volunteered alongside Don for years and he has consistently demonstrated integrity, passion and compassion, teach-ability, courage, and intelligent analysis. I trust and respect him and I like him. I find his straight-talking no-nonsense clarity on problems and solutions, his tireless advocacy for the people of Vancouver and along the Columbia River, and his sense of humor. I find his acknowledgment of his mistakes and his eagerness to learn and make things right very refreshing and hope-giving. He has good sound judgment, brilliant analysis, deep understanding of challenges and diverse perspectives, creative win-win solutions, persistence for the truth and little guy, and a good team-player attitude. He sees beyond the superficial slogans and flimflam, and he cares deeply about those who otherwise rarely have any champion or listener. If he were on the Port of Vancouver, it would give good folks around the world a big sigh of relief and empowered citizen activism. What happens in the Port of Vancouver can profoundly influence world climate, economies, democracies, and our region's livability, as well as the survival or extinction of so many species and cultures. He's consistent and incorruptible. He walks his talk when we need both on the Port of Vancouver Commission now.”
Andy Harris: “For the safety and health of Vancouver residents we need to stand firm against the Port of Portland Tesoro oil export facility. Don Orange will put the interests of the citizens of Vancouver before the interests of the fossil fuel industry.”
Sharon Miller: “He has already worked tirelessly to defend our community from fossil fuels.”
David Finn: “We have attended many public meetings regarding this and other economically important environmental issues and Don has stood out as a champion among citizens who are concerned about long term sustainability and our continued productivity as a region. His vision for the port and for the community as a whole are progressive and allencompassing. Please join with us an support him for this important position.”
Nancy Shimeall: “He will protect our environment.”


Jeani Johnson: “I know Don and I like what he stands for, he's our kind of person!”
Kala Madugula
Ruth Allen:
“Common sense!!!”
Jennifer Munson: “I am OPPOSED to the oil terminal in Vancouver and think it is the worst choice for our port!”
Taryn Oakley: “He opposes oil infrastructure!”

Mary Slowik
Tani Douglass:
“The people do not want an oil terminal in their backyard. Two members of the Port Commission think otherwise. Go Don! We're for you.”
Jean M. Avery: “Don Orange has been a tireless champion of Vancouver for citizens, not for big oil. He will listen to the many citizens who do not want an oil terminal at our Port. At the same time, he will work to strengthen the Vancouver business community. Thank you, Don!”
Sandra Cole: “The Port is not just about revenue. It is about the quality of life in Vancouver. Don Orange will work for the community.”
Traci Meyer-Jones

Lehman Holder: “Don has proven his commitment to the best interests of the Port of Vancouver and it's clear he will work toward that goal. He will especially listen to his constituents, which with one exception the current port commission has not done.”
Doug McLain: “Don has been a key leader in protecting the public interest and has worked to make Vancouver a city everyone would want to live in.”
Joe Chasse: “Don is the best choice for Commissioner because the Columbia River and our emerald corridor (Van BC to Van Wa) is a treasure worth fighting to preserve. Thanks to Don Orange for running!”
Richard McCluskey: “Don Orange epitomizes the concept of compassion and conscience in action for the benefit of people and the planet. Don Orange can be relied upon to do the right thing, always. Especially in matters of the safety and well being of his fellow citizens.”
William Sterr: “Don is an honest man who has deep roots in our community and truly has the best interests of the community at heart. He is open minded and fair thinking. He will support the business of the port - but not at the expense of our environment.”

Mike Briggs: “I know Don personally. He is a long term resident of this area, owns a successful business in Vancouver, and is passionately involved with the welfare of all the residents of this area. He realizes the Port of Vancouver is one of the assets that must be protected, nourished and looked after if Vancouver is going to be able to fulfill its future well.”
Tom Pierson: “Don has a passion for doing what is right for the broader community, not just special interests, and he has a profound understanding of the issues.”
Jay Schindler: “Don is well-equipped to ensure that issues coming before the Port of Vancouver are thoroughly examined, with the best interest of the people of Vancouver in mind.”
Kris Wells
Nathan LacQuaye

Michele Schindler
Kathryn Ketcham
Richard Gellman:
“Don will counterbalance the effects of big oil on our community if he is elected Port Commissioner!”
Jacob Gellman: “Don is a successful local businessman -- he owns Hoesly Eco Automotive downtown and does great work. His business skills will translate well as Port Commissioner. He is a prudent choice and a Vancouverite through and through.”
Eulalia Soto

Robin Cody: “Fight this insanity of exporting fossil fuels to Asia. Thanks, Don.”
Chris Mathews
Eric Norwood
Jeannie Brust
Kristen Wallway

Marcella Chandler: “Don is honest, and he has integrity. He will listen to the people of Vancouver and put their interests first. I feel he is a man who will take our Port, and our city into the 21st Century.”
Michael Piper: “A smart business person. Cares about progressive growth and jobs for our community and opposes the oil terminal.”
Larry Didier: “Don is looking to the future rather than trying to hold on to the past.”
Kristin Edmark: “Don will work hard to represent the citizens' interests and keep the port transparent to the community. He will promote policies in line with the new jobs and waterfront which Vancouver is trying to build.”
Stephanie Underland: “Don is the best candidate for this position because he knows how important it is to protect our environment & how devastating big oil can be to the future of Vancouver.”

Karen Harris
Larry Kennedy
Clare Kennedy
Mark Owsle
Dawn Edmundson

Paula Person
Philip Furno
Sharon Kenoski
Jean Beary Stolle
Kevin Segal

Elizabeth Whitman
Siarra Orange
Bobbi Murr
Amy Smith
Chris Keuscher

Fran Gaffrey
Petty Blake
Robin Bunce
David Loos
Marjean Rubin

Cynthia Mumford
Bob Ballman
Anna Harris
Linda Steger
Deb Portukatian

Victoria Rappin
Silvia Van
Emily K Griep
Merrilee Lee
Fran Lynch

Audra Dodson
Casey Moffett
Randy Bruce
Doug Priebe
Logan Easton

Barbara Daniel
Kari Camp
Roberta Ossenkop
Suzanne Rousseau
Rory Bowman

Carol Turgeon
Chris Bassett
Joe Kear
Cecelia Kessel
Cal Roberts

Emily Gibson
JR Cortez
Cameron Spaus
Catherine Orr
Nicholas Miller

Kassandra Warner
Bobbie McMurtry
Hanako Gorrell
Lelaine Reany
Ann McDonald

Keith Meyer
Terry Loch
Jan Ralston
Steve Rosen
Patty Ingraham

Robert Poppe
Armando Martinez
Amanda Palmer
Amber Adams
Halley Lewis

Timo Albers
Rachel Willis
Pete Oefler
John Carroll
Wayne Schmasow

Isaiah Powell
Grace Fleming
Linda Marsh
Sarah Collmer
Chris Collmer

Justin Miles
Kiana Haynes
Polly Howells
Kelsey Cohn
Ahiia Davis

Lexy Morrison
Shirley Archer
Russ Nelson
Jim Young
Clare Weber

Betty and Jim Cooper
Melinda Cannell  
Lucia Mack  
Kevin O Callaghan  
Mona Jones-Romansic  

Jason Walker  
Chris Gregory  
Marie Boisvert  
Roger Sonneland  
Nick Kessler  

Carlos Guevara
Carie Hitchcock
Doug Geier  
Stephani Scott  
Frederick Price  

Catherine Sutton  
Adriana Antelo  
Randy Payne  
Lynda Lewis  
Ashley VanHandel

Renai Nelson  
Kayla Farrell
Stephanie Kay  
Cathy Baldwin  
Phil Alexander  

Erin Bothwell  
Suzanne Nichols  
Mary Storm  
Joe Aloha  

Kelly Walker   
Camryn Cannell
Karl Langenwalter  
Janelle Borja  

Nicolle Blystone
Levi Hill
Sydney Pederson  
Debbie Codemi
Samantha Huss  

Pamela Long  
Ian Wallace  
Chris Sutton  
Jonica Eddings  
Corey Campbell  

Diane Howard  
Ethan Newcomb
Sallee Kallenbach  
Katie Richards  
Craig Lewis   

Pat Wollenburg  
Anna Krecic  
Nicholas Moline  
Michele Larson  
Sally Bowers  

Sunny Golden  
Lawrence E. Clow  
Dawn Geier
Derralyn Bonsi  
Janet Naahielua  

Rebekah Rasmussen  
Stephanie Miller  
June Yamrick  
Gigi Trinidad  
Jocelyn Mileck

Maureen O Hainsey
Grace L Schurm
Dean Ryland
Judy Spence
Richard Rothaten

Sharon Rollins
Carmen Richardson
Laurie Swales
Chad Bulle
Elaine Wesely

Charlotte Waters
Betty Paige Phillips
Amy Vance
Sadie Robins
Steve Karas

Barb Bennett
Emily Brazenor
Gerald Taitingfong
Roger Morley
Sharlee Giere

Renee Shea
Teague Pasco
Tess Plymale
Erica Ortiz
Kyle Hunt

Jennifer Grubbs
Austin Higgins
Kalli Karas
Chiara Caballero
Erykah Weems

Richard Atkins
Summer Day
Barbara Pittman
Donnell Morley
Philip Durkee

Steve Foster: “We need to stop the oil terminal in Vancouver. For the safety and health of SW Washington, and for the potential impact on global warning, this needs to be stopped.”
Fran Hammond: “The Port is valuable public property. There are uses that would benefit the community without the risks and stench of an oil terminal! I believe Don Orange is the candidate to make the proper choice, not one purchased by special interests over livability!”
Terri Niles: “Don would like to see the Port focused on creating 21st Century jobs not chasing profits and investing in fossil fuel infrastructure. He cares about the community, the environment and wants to leave Vancouver Portland and the PNW a clean beautiful place to live and raise our children and grandchildren. I 1000% endorse Don Orange.”
Anita Cannell
Tim Cannell

Terry Reddish
Michelle Wallace
David Wegner

Would you like to endorse our campaign? Please fill out the form below!

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Andrew Hill
Cathy Golik
Temple Lentz
Dusty Mason:
“Don is a good guy with good ethics & has Vancouver's best interest at heart.”
Kay Hudziak
James Mason:
“For years he has demonstrated that working with, and supporting the local community are his priorities.”

John Fite
Robert Donohoe:
“We need someone to put public interest ahead of corporate profits.”
Sue Snyder: “He understands the dangers inherent in the Port's lease to Tesoro-Savage.”
Madya Panfilio: “He speaks the truth about what concerns many citizens of this City and County. He is strong in his support for the Environment....clean water, air, and land. He believes that it is our responsibility to leave a better government and environment for our children and future generations.”
Judith krenelka: “Don Orange is energetic and consistently in favor of protecting this community by endorsing
renewable fuels. I like his clean emphasis concerning the use of the port.”

John Bayer: “Re the Port of Vancouver, Don Orange has it all together. He's worked tirelessly to supporting our region and the environment.”
Phil Stockman: “I think he will be a great commissioner and vote down the Oil terminal.”
David Michalek: “Protecting our natural environment is vitial.”
Camille Jackson: “He cares about the enviroment and people!”
Paul Seamons


Gail Sieckman: “He seems to be the right guy for this moment.”
Mary McLaren: “I want waterfront development, not more oil terminals, oil trains. I don't want Vancouver to be known as an oil terminal city. Not to mention the possibility of a disaster when something goes wrong and we are confronted with a catastrophic event involving spilled oil.”
Ray Witter: “He will do his best to insure our community stays safe and lovable.”
Herman Middleton: “He will protect our environment , which is vital to our way of life.”
Katherine Hart: “We need a Commissioner who listens to what the people in our community want. Vancouver is a great city and we need to keep it livable and that means - NO Oil Terminal!”

Jim Templeton: “Action!”
Chad Nelson: “Don is a small business owner that is for the people of Vancouver!”
Christopher Kralik: “With the opposition we are facing with the new federal administration regarding the environment, we need a person like Don who will enforce and protect environmental laws and future issues. I am endorsing Don Orange for Port Commissioner of Vancouver.”
Joshua Seeds: “I want an end to oil trains going past my home and community in Washougal, not more. The fact of the matter is that an oil terminal will pollute our air and water and cause the loss of more jobs than it creates. The fossil fuel economy is the way of the past. Don can help us find a new way that works better for all of us.”
Mary McMonegal: “I don't want oil terminals in Vancouver.”


Sally Byrd: “He is an honest, intelligent local businessman that we are proud to endorse!”
Michael Turnauer: “I endorse Don Orange for Port Commissioner because Vancouver and Southwest Washington need a port commission which promotes a sustainable economy which means rejecting the false choice between jobs and protection of our air, water, and soil for future generations.”
Meridian Green: “Don works tirelessly to serve our community and preserve our children's future. He does his homework, understands the issues, and will help steer the Port of Vancouver towards a healthy and economically vibrant future.”
Jared Smith
Francisco Gadea: “Don is the kind of person that we need as a commissioner. He is a business owner who understands what it takes to create and maintain jobs. He is also an active participant in the community who cares about the environment and the common good.”


Kathy Lane: "Don is a local small business in Vancouver and is not bought and paid for by the cock (did I spell that right?) brothers. He has worked tirelessly to protect our local economy and the air we breath, the water we drink and actually cares about the people here. He has my vote."
Janet Slobin
Lawrence Slobin:
"Don reminds us that the port belongs to citizens. WE must be vigilant!"
Jon DeVore
Robert Lindberg

Chris Dudley
Rhonda Walker:
“I know Don will fight for healthy job growth at the port! I've lived in Vancouver all my life and will fight to keep our water and air clean so my vote will go to Don Orange for Port Commissioner!”
Kathryn Ketcham: “He believes in the future of Clark County and Vancouver and envisions it as a healthy, prosperous, livable place. Don has done this for his own business and he can help do this for the Port.”
Lois Murphy: “Don has taken a knowledgeable, considered approach toward usage of the port and the needs of a growing city and the population within it.”
Ken Brinkley: “Progressive, smart and honest!”

Lynne Lincoln: “I believe Don will be in step with the voters in this county and certainly reflects my priorities as well as my vision for Vancouver.”
Gail Sieckman
Nancy Fite
Patrick Migas:
“He's been the most active of opponents to an oil terminal at the port of Vancouver.”
Alice Linker: “Don, a small business owner in Vancouver, understands government and he has been a tireless advocate for clean energy, clean air and clean water. He understands the risks of climate change and will continue his work when he is elected to the Port.”

Lynn Stiglich: “Don Orange is a man of integrity. He is knowledgeable, well connected, and willing to stand up and speak up for our community and for the environment. This is a critical time for Vancouver, as well as the planet - in terms of the health of people, air and water quality vs. special interests, desire for profits at any cost, and the weakening or removal of safeguards and protections. Don cares deeply about our community and will work tirelessly to protect it.”
Jenney Pauer: “We need people with integrity in this position. We've had too many port commissioners who have put the interest of corporations like Tesoro Savage over the interest of our community. People who are focused on only making a profit for a few at the expense of our future economic prosperity, the sustainability of our environment, and even our physical safety and health, are not just an unsavory choice, they're a disastrous one. Don has been on the front lines from the beginning when it comes to advocating for the city of Vancouver and our port. I have literally seen him at every single meet up and public hearing on the terminal. He has never stopped working to protect our interests. He is respected and trusted by a vast number of people who have been working tirelessly over the past few years to protect the city of Vancouver as well as the Columbia River. We need someone who can't be bought and will work for our interest. I know he'll do this because he's already been doing it for years. We just need to ensure that he has the authority, through his vote to aid us, and as port commissioner, he will.”
Linda Armstrong: “I have watched Don work for our community and the future of Vancouver. As a business owner and a concerned citizen. I am proud to endorse Don for Port Commissioner.”
Sharon Miller: “He has been a community activist, proving his commitment to making Vancouver a better place.”
Shareen Zito: “Don will stand against the oil terminal and be a voice for our community. We need to move Vancouver toward a clean energy economy and future. Our community and the families that call it home want clean air and water. There is no benefit to the terminal and we need a strong leader to stand against and fight Tesoro Savage. Go Don Orange... I stand with you.”

Ronald Zito: “He will represent our interests and keep Vancouver a clean, healthy place for us all to call home.”
Celeste Howard: “He understands how important a clean, fossil-fuel free environment is for Vancouver business and the health of its citizens.”
Rick SantAngelo: “He has organized small businesses to stand up for their futures, advocated to stop the oil terminal and other causes for a few years now. Don is all in on retaining our community's liability.”
Malcolm McDevitt: “Don is committed to the health and well-being of Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest.”
Sharon Rickman: “Don represents the voice of the community and we look forward to supporting him as port commissioner. Vancouver does not need or want the largest fracked oil - export terminal in the nation.”


Linda Heglin: “Don is against the oil terminal. Vancouver does not want to be known as a smelly, dirty, oil town with miles-long trains running through daily. As Vancouver works hard to become a destination for tourists (and beautiful places for its residents to enjoy), this terminal would fight our progress every step of the way. Further, the final - after construction - jobs it will provide are minimal.
Can you imagine "George" in Topeka planning a family vacation? "Hey, Mabel. Let's pack up the kids and go to that big ol' oil terminal in Vancouver. It's the biggest ever!" Not likely!”
Mardi Wood: “Everything I have heard about Don Orange tells me he is the only person that can defeat Tesoro Salvage, keep Vancouver air clean, and keep oil pollution out of our lives.”
Elizabeth Madrigal: “Don cares not only about his own generation, but the next seven generations, and why we must do our best to protect the environment from those whose only motivation is profit. With such extreme denial in Washington, it is more important than ever to have representatives who understand the threat of climate change and the damage the oil people can wreak on our community.”

Margaret Wolfe: “Don Orange supports our Vancouver Community. I have participated in events and meetings that promote the well being of our City and State and I am aware of his presence at these events. He is involved with the issues of the Port & management there-of and has a profound knowledge regarding these. He is definitely my choice and that of people who want intelligent and sound management of the Port and other environmental issues affecting us.”
Mike MacDonald: “Don has long-standing roots in the community and a commitment to our environment.”
Tani Douglass: “Don  is committed to stopping Tesoro Savage and keeping the Port of Vancouver committed to 21 century ideas.”
Terry Eaton: “I have seen how much Don Orange cares about his community, and how committed he is to ensure it remains a livable and healthy environment, for now, and for the future. We need this kind of forward thinking, if we are to have any chance to survive global warming, and related issues.”
Dr. Russell Freeland: “Over the many years I've know Don he has consistently demonstrated bedrock honesty and integrity, transparency (no hidden agendas), the ability to consider multiple perspectives as well as the ability to work cooperatively/respectfully with a variety of people with differing points of view. He has a clear vision of what the Port and Vancouver community will require for future success. As a successful small business owner he will bring sound sound business principles and methods to directing the activities of the Port. His commitment to create economic benefit for his district and the region is clear. In addition he is a friendly, considerate human being and one of the hardest working people I know.”

Shelby Kenoyer: “While Don is a businessman, he understands the balance of providing jobs and the environment. He is knowledgeable about the Port and the importance of the Port, which brings a quality of life that is beneficial for the citizens of Clark County.. However, what I have found in talking with Don, he deeply cares about people and the community of Clark County. He is the best choice for Port Commissioner.”
Caressa Milgrove
Katharine Cotrell:
“Don has been actively involved in the resistance against the proposed Tesoro Savage oil terminal from Day One. He contributes valuable and informative testimony at every hearing. His community involvement is consistent, energetic and inspiring. Please vote for Don Orange, Port of Vancouver Position 1.”
Diane Fyffe Berg
Jim Martin:
“I applaud Mr Orange published: our (my) taxes are going to the Port yet the elected officials have shown little interest in telling us (me) how that betters my life.”

Linda Martin: “I moved here in part for the greenery, clean air, beautiful Columbia River and pure water. Don Orange will protect them as opposed to his opponent. I don't normally get involved in politics but the Port of Vancouver is moving toward a potential industrial incident unknown in the Pacific Northwest.”
Joshua Gordon
Janet Birgenheier:
“Don has the experience, integrity, and vision to ensure that we leverage our port for the good of citizens, the community, and the environment -- not for profit seekers!”
David Williams: “Don represents the community of people who support the enforcement of environmental protection laws. He understands the need to move the port forward with clean energy/industry jobs which represent our future!”
Vaughn Henderson: “Don Orange stands with the environment, and I'll proudly stand with both him and the environment.”

Sara Martin: “Don Orange cares about the the health and vitality of our community: our economic health, our environmental health, our neighborhood health and social capital. He is exactly the leader we need for Port Commissioner. He is a person of integrity. Thank you, Don, for your public service!”
Ramelis Nicholson: “No one will fight harder for the best interests of the people of Washington than Don!”
Charles Nicholson: “Don is a fair and honest man that will protect the port. He will fight to protect our environment and the people of Clark county in the form of responsible development.”
Diane Bassett: “Don Orange has my endorsement because he is committed to protecting the quality of life and our economy in Vancouver WA. He prioritizes public safety and health over corporate profits and this role needs someone with that sense of integrity. Please join me in voting for Don Orange.”
Joshua Welter: “Don will bring small business and community values to the Port - honesty, integrity, and putting people first."

Lynda Cunningham: “Don is honest, bright, caring and a major giver in our community. He keeps the best interests
of this community at the foreground.”
Hugh Shuford: “Don has the health of the community as a basic value. He is a local businessman with an investment in Vancouver. I am pleased to support him.”
Dan Leahy: “Don understands the Port belongs to the people of Clark County.”
Donald Springer: “His outlook is a responsible one for the Port of Vancouver and seems to represent a better future for the port.”
Phillip Norman: “I trust Don to act as a private citizen in his honest self interest that the Columbia Gorge shall not be destroyed by those pillaging public and Indian lands, for personal profit in energy export.”

Mark Martin: “ Don loves Vancouver, will practice green and responsible Port goals including opposing the filthy oil industry.”
Kelly O'Hanley: “Don is forthright, has good values, and understands the long-term needs of the community. He's funny too.”
Robert Ives: “I have known Don Orange for over 20 years. I have always respected him as a businessman and have been honored to consider him a friend. There is no better choice for Port Commissioner. Don will bring honesty and integrity to the position and will represent the community to the best of his ability. Don is committed to keeping Vancouver a great place to live and he will bring his keen sensitivity to environmental matters and his able experience as a business owner and entrepreneur to the position. A vote for Don is a vote for a Port that is responsive to the mission to keep clean jobs in Clark County.”
Mary Laski: “I think Don will put public interest ahead of corporate interests.”
Steve Junt: “Don is involved in this community and wants it safe and profitable.”

A.G. Flynn: “Don knows how to integrate work, community and day to day life. The man walks his talk. Don will integrate port business into our community in ways that benefit us all. Vancouver is in the process of reclaiming its waterfront, staring down big oil business and securing its place along the I 5 Corridor. The challenges are many and Don Orange is up to the task of representing us on the port commission.”
Walt Mintkeski: “I am a Portland resident and know that the decisions of the Port of Vancouver affect the entire Columbia River Basin. I feel confident that Don will weigh carefully the economic, social, and environmental factors and make the tough decisions which benefit all.”
Jessica Letteney: “Don Orange walks his talk. I have full confidence that Don can help our port grow in the right direction. He's got my vote!”
Cassi Marshall: “I trust Don to make decisions about the Port that are good for the community. He is ethical and knowledgeable, with great energy and passion for doing what's right. Don will make an excellent Commissioner.”
David Shehorn: “He knows business and he knows Clark County while sharing a love for healthy living.”

Rose Bourgeois: “Don is not afraid to speak up to special interests, and will be open to input as he represents the people's interests in Port policy and enforcement of regulations. With integrity and enthusiasm, Don will be a tireless advocate representing citizen concerns with an eye to the future of our children and theirs.”
Mike Neuschwander: “Don is the right person for the job.”
Kieran Schnabel: “Don brings an intelligent and thoughtful ear to every discussion he is a part of. He works tirelessly to support the economic growth and environmental sustainability of the community.”
Michele Wollert
Jerry Smith:
“He is looking out for the citizens and future of Vancouver/Clark County. Adding a few permanent jobs at the expense of our clean water, river, and air is not worth it.”

Terry Conner
Mary DeVany
Deb Kay:
“Long time Vancouver resident and local business owner he cares about the community.”
Ann Turner
Abraham  Adams Barton I  

Pamela Rider
Bill Custis
Robin Thomas
C. D. Greeley
Chuck Schulk

Susan Kipp
Jann Mura
Paula Reynold
J Mackinzie
Rod Cusic

Trish Bates
Chris Stavas
Leah Perkel
Phyllis Maki
Kathleen Johnson

Anna Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez
Scott Berscheid
Carolyn Techlenburg
Robert Tecklenburg

Gail Krueger
Deborah Romerein
Tedine Roos
Wally Schwane
Dr. Theodora Tsongas

James Walker
David L Williams
Steve Perkel
Dina Roberts
Matthew Rose

Jon Gudgel
Vicki Huber
Bill Schaff
Kelly Johnson
Marilyn Mills

Charlene Albrich
Gillian Johnson
Kim Mcdougall
Sue Wilson
Silja Stanley

Diana Roberts
Deborah Romerein
Rudyne Grigar
Monte Brachmann
Karen Brachmann

Theodora Tsongas
Marilyn Martinyak
Martha Stevenson
Deborah Murphy
Tim Gaughan

Michael Maher
Lisa Maher
Shirley Morgan
Arnie Dyer
Rebecca McMurryn-Hossom

Audrey Neil
M. Meyer
Jamin Pitchford
Franki Martinez
Mark Hoppenworth

Diana Madriz
John Jones
Cody Roscoe
Jennifer Jones
Leah Manemann

James Sharon
Jen White
David Kirchner
Tameca Pryce
Trena Campbell

Brandon Jones
Taylor Rooney
Kayla McMurtry
Amber Towle
Rob Wachner

Jeremy VanPelt
Victor Velez
Daniel Weimer
Arvil Richardson-Hart
Michael LaBrecque

A. Buchanan
Wendy Wright
Eric Olson
Kelly Kanyid
Boni Moran

Joe Maldonado
Diana Aristizabal
Bruce Hall
Matthew Young
Pattie Nicastro

Winston Pagliaro
Judy Garrett
Peter DuBois
Jean Ryland
Gabriel Epstein

Madeline Jones
Jonna Russell
Curtis Dean
Cheryl Martins
Vipasha Jain

Madeline Jones
Jonna Russell
Curtis Dean
Cheryl Martins
Vipasha Jain

Brian Gattuccio  
Jeri Miller
Janet Naahielua  
Ursula Shepherd  
Barb Doenecke  

Deb Clabaugh  
Anita Reyes  
Ashley Swanson
Karen Falk  
Denise Gebhardt   

Soni Northrup  
Summer Dunn  
Craig Clabaugh  
Lindsey Zeigler  
Zoey Orange  

Jeremy Lambert
Sharon Cousineau
Dallas Hansen
Sandy Chapman  
Brenda Castine  

Sabrina Wright  
Kristy Saunders  
Sheryl Johnson  
LJ Hoff
Ron Fraser
Judy Dodgion  
Nolan Kenoyer  
Amy Ingermanson
Judy K Smith
Judi Plesha  

Gerald Plesha  
Becki Jare
Marlene Renteria  
Jacob Renner  
Julie LaBossiere

Isabela Ulda  
Mal Gostisclte  
Sophie Dent  
Tom Petruska  
Cameron Persin
Josey Hoff   
John Lujan
Linda Nelson
Nancy Renner
Bryan Chapman

Brandon Crawford
Jeanett Theer
Debra Gunderson
Caithryn Orange
Michael Marinear

Brienne Reid
Graciela J
Debbie L.P.
Robin O’Brien
Derralyn Bonzi

Debbie L.P.
Prince B
Jon Nichols
Dylan Blystone
Joseph Borja

Vernita Sandvig
Mark Muenster
Robert Tiy
Kristi Stack
Christopher Chaney

Maizy Trujillo
Doran McArthur
Wilbur & Lorie Wood
Stephen George
Gary Schaaff

Andrew Bowen
Gary Rutledge
Rosemary Davis
Chrula Kavannagh
Merline Affett

Lorna Lambert
Clare Joseph
Jim Anderson
Rita Meloy
Diane Black

Michael Wood
Skyler Savala
Leon Pfaller
Tricia Pace
Kirsten Welson

Brandon A Fager
Sarah  Sargent
Dan Pfa
Tracy Spohn

Gail Krueger
Amy Barrett
Laurice Castillo
Jeanne McCready
Renate Atkins

Catherine Morton: “I have worked with Don for several years as a community activist. His position on no to the terminal is critical to Vancouver and Clark County's health and future growth. He is a man of integrity.”
Andrea Smith: “I support Don Orange because he is against the Oil Terminal. We need someone to stand up against special interests.”
Liz Trojan: “I don't think oil is a good fit for our community or our river. I want future generations to be able to live and work here and to be able to enjoy our scenic river and parks. Oil exports puts all that at risk. It's not a risk worth taking.”
Rick Rappaport: “He has strong local roots and is a local small businessman who opposes the Tesoro Savage Oil terminal proposal.”
Roman Battan