Welcome! I'm Don Orange & I'm the only anti-oil terminal candidate running for the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners, District 1.

The Port of Vancouver is not having difficulty finding tenants. New buildings are leased before they even have roofs on them. The proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal would only produce a small number of permanent jobs, where other potential tenants, such as grain, automobiles, or renewable energy parts, would produce more family wage jobs/acre than this terminal would and without the social & environmental risk associated with crude oil transport & handling.

The port's focus should be on creating 21st century jobs, not chasing profit at any cost. The port should operate transparently and be accountable to taxpayers. The Port of Vancouver should not only listen to the public, but should also work closely with the City of Vancouver, our school system, and first responders. Those relationships are extremely important to keeping the Port of Vancouver on course. Read more on my Priorities page